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Belgian Waffle Restaurant in Ottawa

In search of that perfect Liege waffle? Your quest ends at My Waffle Treat in Ottawa’s Byward Market—place your order today.

Exquisite Waffles for You

Looking to satisfy your morning (or afternoon, or evening) sugar cravings? My Waffle Treat has you covered! We serve up the perfect breakfast staple: delectable waffles that can be enjoyed at any time of the day. We use fresh ingredients that add natural tastes and flavours but also offer elevated nutrition.

Known as the new promising place, our waffles are an exquisite combination of soft and crispy. And you can choose from a wide selection of toppings, whether you prefer the fruity Triple Berry Waffle or the deluxe Banana-Berry Au Chocolate. All our waffles pair beautifully with our milkshakes, smoothies, or classic beverage options.

An exquisite combination of soft and crispy


Belgian Waffle Restaurant Ottawa

You're in for a treat - discover Ottawa's finest Liège waffles

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The Story of Liege Waffles

At My Waffle Treat, we wanted to bring you the best Belgium Liege waffles this side of Parliament Hill. And our humble goal is to infuse each bite with sheer bliss.

If you’re new to Liege waffles, here’s what you need to know. As the story goes, Liege waffles originated out of Liege, a city in the Belgian Region of Wallonia. A certain Prince-Bishop requested a sweet treat from his cook. From there was born the brioche-like dough mixed with pearl sugar, the basis of the waffles the world has grown to love. 

Once cooked, the sugar melts and caramelizes while glistening on an orchestra of tender, buttery, and vanilla flavours, a delight for the senses. Best enjoyed warm, and with your hands, our waffles can be enjoyed plain or topped. Check out our menu for more inspiration before you place your order. 

Sheer bliss in every bite


Belgian Waffle Restaurant Ottawa

You’re in for a treat!