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Smoothie Bar in Ottawa

Stay strong and healthy with fruity, protein-rich smoothies from My Waffle Treat. Proudly serving Ottawa’s Byward Market and beyond.

Uplifting Smoothies Start Here

In the mood for a cool, tasty drink to quench your thirst after a morning workout? With smoothies from My Waffle Treat, you'll get all the nutrients you need after a good sweat.

Our staff cares about your health as much as you do, and to keep you on your path to fitness, we’re committed to blending only the freshest and finest ingredients. We pack your smoothies with a wealth of goodness, including natural dietary fibre, antioxidants, and energizing carbohydrates to fuel your day ahead. Uplifting smoothies start here—get your boost today.

A wealth of goodness


Smoothie Bar Ottawa

You're in for a treat - discover Ottawa's finest Liège waffles

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Loaded with Health Benefits

At My Waffle Treat, we're all about flavour and health! And, in addition to great taste, we optimize our recipes so that our customers get the most out of our creations.

For example, we make sure to use only fresh ingredients in our smoothies. Want a dairy-free drink? We have what you're looking for. Made with 100% fruit, we do not use sorbet, syrup, commercial frozen yogurt or ice cream. 

For even more options, browse our menu, featuring milkshakes, coffees, teas, ice cream, and, of course, our to-die-for Liege waffles.

Build your bones with delicious smoothies


Smoothie Bar Ottawa

You’re in for a treat!